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The Financial Modelling Podcast

Aug 16, 2019

What is Project Finance?  What differentiates it from corporate or leveraged finance?  Why does it suit infrastructure projects and what are infrastructure financing models all about?  Find out in this episode of the Financial Modelling Podcast, based on my popular blog post and download.

Aug 8, 2019

Can you create a financial model using an Excel add-in?  Is creating a model as easier as selecting a few options from a modelling wizard?  In this episode of the Financial Modelling Podcast, we chat to Alexander Artajaya about how he dived into the world of financial modelling using add-ins.  We discuss the pros and...

Jul 30, 2019

As an investment analyst, should you learn Microsoft Excel or Python?  Will the future of asset management be dominated by Robo-asset managers?  In this podcast, we delve into the world of Asset Management with Dan Page.  He explains why every future financial modeller and investment manager needs to not only know...

Jul 23, 2019

Why does every startup need a financial model?  What is the purpose of a financial model, and how can it help a business grow, obtain finance and avoid bankruptcy? Find out in this podcast on financial modelling for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses!

Jul 16, 2019

According to Ronak Gopaldas, "the key to being successful in Africa hinges on understanding it properly.  The nuances, the subtleties and the intricacies.  The stuff you don't get from sitting behind a desktop."  Ronak is a director of Signal Risk, an African risk management consultancy, and is a Tutu Fellow.  In this...